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Sales & Growth

Sales & Growth – Growth Hack:
If there is one North Star every Business should chase relentlessly is ‘Increase In Sales’. And the First Step for the same is to increase ‘Top of the Sales Funnel’ – or to put it simply, increase Lead Generation.
At Accelarize, we work with Founders/Entrepreneurs/Marketing Heads to generate more Leads for their Businesses through various tools such as
​1- Curated Database
2- E-Mail Marketing
3- Tele Calling
4- Competitor Analysis
International Market Expansion:
World is Flat today. It is not only easier to expand to new countries, but also it is a necessity. It provides access to a new set of customers, it is fiscally prudent, it helps in the valuation of the company and most importantly, if a competitor does it first, they will always outpace you. Many Founders are wary of venturing into new geography as they do not understand lay of land. This is where Accelarize Steps In and helps businesses in:
1- Understanding Regulations
2- Forming Strategic Partnership
3- Getting the First Set of Customers
4- Providing Admin Support
Strategic Tie-Ups:
For Businesses to grow organically, symbiotic partnerships can go a long way. Companies can have a lot of advantages if they form Strategic Tie-Ups with companies they can have business related synergies (For eg. a Fintech Company will gain if they Strategically Tie-up with Used Car Selling company). Many Founders do not have time to find like minded companies to form Strategic Tie-Ups and hence Accelarize helps here through:
1- Contacts of Related Industry
2- ​Introduction with the Decision Makers
3- ​Finalization of Tie-Ups

Start-Up Support

Start-Up Support – Fund Raising:

Every Business needs funds to grow. Good News is that we live in a world wherein we have multiple avenues to raise funds. Bad News is that most of the Start-Ups/Businesses do not know about these avenues.
We, at Accelarize, work with Start-Ups and Businesses and find the ‘Right Investor’ for them. Our services include:
1- Angel investment/Seed Investment
2- Series A/Pre Series A funds through VCs
3- Working Capital Funds
4- Capex Funds

Global Network:
Businesses/Start-Ups today make products/services for the International Market. Hence it makes sense for them to Tap the Global Network. It allows their products/services to reach International Shores and gives their company a chance to expand. Easier said than done? That is what Accelarize is there for.
We help businesses to tap on to the Global Market by networking them with: 1- International Companies in same Domain
2- Senior Executives interested in the domain
3- Strategic Partners
Pitch Deck:
Pitch Deck is the Story told to potential investors ……and it must be enticing enough. It would be no exaggeration in saying that it makes or breaks the chances of any start-up looking to raise funds as every investor receives hundreds of Pitch Decks a week and any start-up has just about 60 seconds to stand out. Accelarize, with their expert team, can help you to prepare a perfect pitch deck by:
1- Creating detailed Pitch Deck
2- Creating Blurb for Investors
3- Creating Financial Projections
4- Delivering into Industry Analysis

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – Search Engine Optimization:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most potent digital marketing strategies for Generating Sales leads for companied at optimal cost.  Search Engine Optimization involves various practices, in accordance with Google Crawling Algorithm, to increase the ranking of the website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
Though it sounds easy, it requires a detailed strategy for having an effective Search Engine Optimization. Accelarize’s team of experts work with the clients and gets them the best Search Engine Optimization results through:

1- Confirming Page Readiness for SEO
2- Devising Content Strategy
3- Key Word Research
4- Implementing Search Engine Optimization 

Google Ads:
The most plausible way of generating Sales Lead for any business is through Google Ads. Whether it is a new business or a stable business, Google Ads gives instant results and is easy to measure the success of the same ensuring you never go overboard with marketing budget. Google Ads, as a marketing technique, is the fastest way to get your website on the top of the search engine result page (SERP). Accelarize has a team of experts who works within the budget allocated by founders to deliver the best result through:
1- Keyword Research
2- Market Size Estimation
3- Bid Estimation
4- Implementing Google Ads
Facebook & LinkedIn Ads:
Facebook Ads/LinkedIn Ads/Instagram Ads is genuinely helpful tool for any business looking for a Budget Friendly and Long Term marketing strategy. Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Ads not only helps to generate leads for businesses but also ups the Brand Value of Businesses.  Facebook Ads/Instagram Ads/LinkedIn Ads requires very specific expertise to get the best result and Accelarize has right team of experts to deliver the same:
1- Creatives for Ads
2- Choosing Target Market
3- Implementation

Virtual Business Assistant

Virtual Business Assistant– Business Research:
Businesses currently operate in an increasingly Data Driven world where Information is King. Getting Right Data (through Research or otherwise) and aligning with company’s strategy is one of the key to success. But to take data driven decision, the first thing any business need is…… correct and sanitized data!!!!.   The biggest challenge for any Company is to hire and retain the right talent who could do justice to the important work of Business Research (and at the Right Cost!). This is where Accelarize steps in through:
1- Subject Matter Experts
2- No Fixed Costs
3- Pay for the actual usage
4- Zero admin related cost
Accounting & MIS Reporting:
Every Business wants to keep their overhead cost minimum. There are certain tasks which are ‘a must to do’ for Companies but they do not affect the Top Line (Revenue). Accounting and Operations MIS Reporting, in our opinion, being the Top 2 such tasks.
Accelarize works with companies (and Accounting Firms) and enables them to delegate their monthly Accounting, Compliances and Operational MIS Reporting tasks to experts with various advantages such as:
1- Subject Matter Experts
2- Flexible Team Size
3- Pay for the actual usage
4- Zero admin related cost
Recruitment & HR Support:
Any start-up founder / business owner worth their salt would agree that hiring the best talent is the most important piece of their business. Unfortunately ‘hiring the best’ sounds easier said than done.   
Accelarize works with companies (and HR Recruitment Firms) and enables them to delegate their complete Hiring tasks to experts with various advantages such as:
1- Professional JD Creation
2- Multiple Resume Sourcing Options
3- No Fixed Cost
4- Related admin work such as Offer Roll out

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